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In the swamp of the blind, the frog with one eye surgically attached to its back is king. Researchers have found a way to transplant an eyeball onto a blind tadpole's spine that confers some degree of vision—the first evidence that functional sight can occur so far from the brain.

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Such research promises to give scientists a better understanding of how transplanted tissue connects to the nervous system, paving the way for improved regenerative therapies in humans. Scientists have moved frog eyes around before. In , researchers transplanted them at various points around the head. The out-of-place organs extended information-transmitting nerve fibers known as axons into the animal's brain.

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But scientists haven't been able to determine whether such transplanted eyes are fully functional. Now, developmental biologists from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, have created a novel way to test whether transplanted eyes see as well as to determine how far away from the brain visual ability can extend.

The study's lead author, Michael Levin, and his colleague Douglas Blackiston took tadpoles of the African clawed frog Xenopus laevis whose eyes had been surgically removed and transplanted "donor" eyeballs—one per tadpole—along various points on the back. In total, the researchers operated on tadpoles and compared their performance in a light reaction test with similar numbers of intact tadpoles and blinded tadpoles without transplants. To determine how the animals reacted to changes in light, the team placed the tadpoles individually into petri dishes that could be illuminated by either red or blue light.

While under red light, the tadpoles were docile and swam slowly.

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Under blue light, though, they moved much more rapidly. Here, the researchers found something strange. The blind tadpoles with no eyes still reacted when the light changed. I ship always with speed and punctuality as you can verify the date of postage of the package , so please don't let low feedback scores, for any delay in delivery may be due exclusively to the carrier.

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Payment within 5 days, please; Let me know if you are interested in more items on sale, so I will wait to send the total invoice. The ship every working day worldwide, carefully packaging with cardboard for protection. In , he designed an affordable line of clothing for women, Montana BLU.

It was inspired by his favorite themes but modified to fit the style of sportswear and citywear. Because of their vibrations, modelling for Montana became prestigious and invitations to his shows the hottest tickets in town. Alexander McQueen praised and honored Montana many times in his collections. Both designers shared a love for construction and high quality.

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On July 21, , Montana married model Wallis Franken. It was a marriage of convenience and friendship, as Montana was openly homosexual. They were the same age, had been friends for 18 years, and she had served as his muse for many of his fashion innovations. Wallis already had two daughters and a granddaughter by a previous marriage. In June , Wallis died after falling three stories from their Paris apartment. The death was ruled a suicide. Displays and revels in the rich inventiveness of a designer who played a key role in the fashions of the s and s, and who has become an inspiration for many contemporary designers.

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The Montana woman embodied an extraordinary new image: It records numerous conversations with Montana himself that help us to understand the essential forces that have shaped his work, while scores of catwalk images and reproductions of his sketches reveal the energy and singularity of his vision. Their moving testimonies are scattered throughout these pages. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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'Franken-Tadpoles' See With Eyes on Their Backs

Notify me of new comments via email. Claude Montana for Lanvin, ph. Currently, Montana lives in Spain. She had been his muse and his ally since he started out in the mids, and she thought of him not only as a genius but also as her alter ego.

But nobody, not even her family, seemed to have the slightest inkling of the depth of her despair.