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Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. Behavior Princeton Mindless Behavior. Would princeton from mindless behavior date a fan? What is the birth place date time month parents girlfriends of mindless behavior. This site is best viewed while logged in. I kno right lyk for all i care you can dream about hym but u dont have to act lyk he is yours ur not the only one who lyks him! Yes because he loves his mindless fans and just wants a mindless girl Was this answer helpful?

Was this comment helpful? I Luvs Princeton who don't. He is a nice, talented and exquisite person!!! He is so cute. Any body here ok bye. All of these peaple is a but hole. Ray ray is my crush. All yall need ta back off Ray Ray is mine and Princeton is my cousins..

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I think that princeton is the best looking out of the four, then roc royal, ray ray and lastly prodigy. You guys can all fight over roc royal ray and prodigy but i get princeton. But theres no guarantee that we are all gonna get with either one of them. Just keep dreaming i do!!! Princeton is my boo i love him all thisx girl wnt him for hisz money but im being relly ii dnt like him because of that ii love him because he nice cute and FINE I would Love tto have mindless behavior come to my skool in kansas city when they get a chance at brookside charter day skool but only if you guys have time u are my favorite and i love all your guys song no lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to be your girlfriend. Really people stop they are people and all this he mine u cnt have him crap needs to STOP its showing that you dont have Respect for yourself and I love Mindless Behavior I mean who wouldnt but ladies have more Respect for yourself. AINT nobodyon here related to mindless behavior. So yall need to stop it! I dooooooooooooo he is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I like Princeton but i'm not that crazy for him but i would like to get to know him better. Im srry bt dis aint a useful q ask sumin intrstin or hlpfl. I hate it when people try to call boys because its stupid i like prodigy but im not stupid enough to do thatI.

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Listen all I wanna know is wat there address is so I can send a present for prince tons birthday on Saturday and I live in London so it's a bit ard so if anyone noes just tell me thanks: I wish that they can come to washington in sherman,TX. My fav is Prodigy!!!!!! Rock Royal Is the cutest thing on earth I will steal him from Yale you don't know where I will be so watch out I'm coming for you and this is coming from a ten year old born in and all to the girls out there back off I mean it.

This is to u my boo I luv u baby.

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Girls if I catch you. My opinion is that all of the mindless behavior boys are cute and my favorite is ray ray because of his eyes and long hair oh and I got all their posters and song agree if u want I don't judge oh and they are coming to Detroit if y'all wanna come on the 26 of july. Reesehead idk if im late or not but that is sooooo true!!! You are all 10 year old girls, grow up!

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Yes because he loves his mindless fans and just wants a mindless girl. Who else he gon date im pretty sure hes not going to date some girl that every day wakes up n wants to bust him in his bottom lip. Yall need 2 stop dreamin da boy has a life u no. I like their music but I'm not crazy bout dem cuz u neva c a celebrity datin an ordinary person cuz u dnt no dem and they definitely dnt no u so get a life.

The boyz doesnt want tew tlk r go out with yll nappy head girls any wayz. This answer closely relates to:. Anonymous "This is ya boy princeton This is ya boy Princeton! Um, yes I would date a fan because you guys are all beautiful. I just gotta find out where I could find her: So text me at so I could pick my Mrs.

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Hi princenton well i want to now if u an ray ray,roc,prodigy to come to my brithday party. January 4, turning 12 im your bestest fan every. Going to stay MB.

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Hi MB im starting a organisation about raising awareness n stuff So plz contact me when u come to S. Anonymous "Question about three times to understand next time do a question which is less Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about his life. July 23 , However, the strong willed person that he was, Roc Royal bounced back quite soon and started releasing his work as an independent artist, with the stage name Santo August. His fans are eagerly awaiting his return from his long hiatus and the release of his next piece of work.

The band was formed in and very soon caught the attention of music lovers. His association with the band helped Roc Royal gain a lot of visibility. In , Roc Royal was kicked out of the band after it was found that he was involved in a car theft. The same year a video surfaced, which showed him beating up a drug addict. According to Chris Clark, he had left his car keys at a studio where Roc Royal was on that fateful day.