Missed twins at dating scan

Pregnancy symptoms Implantation bleeding Pregnancy due date calculator Cramps in early pregnancy. I was sure that I was carrying multipes for the same reasons. I was bloated up and had a prominant pregnant belly by 9 weeks and I had very high hcg levels too. But there is just one in there.

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I think it's something that crosses most mummies minds, particularily if you have a family history. I wouldn't be buying too of everthything just yet, but high levels are a sign of a good healthy pregnancy so congratulations smile. My twins were not picked up at the six week scan. First time my obs had missed it.

Did anyone have a missed twin at 12wk scan? - Pregnancy - MadeForMums Chat

It was picked up at 10 weeks at my second visit. Then I had the neucal scan at 12 weeks. But saying that I had the pregnancy from hell and that all had to do with size and at the first scan the smaller one would have only been the the sizeof about 4 weeks. They were identical but had major growth problems and were born 1kg difference.

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As others have said the high HGC level is not really anything to go by and starting to show early not a sign either. Even with the twins I did not show till I was about 16 weeks.

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Hope that you have a healthy pregnancy and have a healthy baby. Yeah, I guess I was just hoping wink Hubby says this is the last one for us and I was kinda hoping for more.

Anyone not discover they were having twins until 20wk ultrasound?

Figured he couldn't be too mad if i got a bonus with this pregnancy LOL. Then again maybe I'll have a hidden one at a later ultrasound wink.

Posted Wednesday 06 June Replynowdammit Australia Total posts: Congrats on going full term with the second baby. My first boy only lived for 1 hour so grieving him and still being pregnant was the biggest head screw ever but my other is a happy 12year old now and a total blessing.

Posted Thursday 07 June I didn't have any blood tests, scans or measurements, not even the week scan. I have always preferred to find my own path in life, and felt comfortable doing this. My family hated it — they wanted the reassurance of the professionals — but as far as I was concerned, I had produced one healthy baby, so I would produce another. My body didn't need help.

Did anyone have a missed twin at 12wk scan?

Then there was the party in my belly that started whenever music was played. I went into labour six weeks early — which is common with twins — and as I laboured in my flat, I realised it wasn't progressing like the birth of my son. His had been four hours of alternating agony and ecstasy, whereas this was just grinding pain that dragged on for the whole day. I had taught myself how to do an internal examination, so I could feel I was fully dilated.

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It didn't feel right at all. An ambulance took me to the delivery room, where a doctor examined me. My baby was breech. But her head was refusing to come out. It seemed to be stuck, so I was put up in stirrups so the doctor could investigate.