Dreaming that youre dating a celebrity

Dreams about celebrities are a common theme at bedtime. If you or a loved one has been covering this ground at night, you may have questions about what it all might mean. While dream analysis is highly subjective, this post might provide some insight into why this dream occurred or is recurring. What do dreams about celebrities mean? According to Smith, "Celebrities typically, in our culture and worldwide, portray and carry some kind of message that's associated with personal accomplishment or lack thereof.

A person dreaming about [a celebrity] is seeking inspiration What can I learn about myself from dreaming about this subject? Upon waking, she may have a glimpse of that dream, of that hero, the feeling of adoration and the energy of inspiration.

Dreams About Celebrities: Dream Meanings Explained | HuffPost Life

The waking ego will integrate that hero energy that she brought up from her own adoration, and she may feel some calming balance. Are there any tricks to avoiding or inducing dreams about celebrities? All those dream images are self-created," says Smith. The meanings of the images in our dreams are very individualized.

When you have done this, you will be clear about what character aspect of yourself you are dreaming of. In the way that people in our dreams represent character aspects of ourselves, celebrities represent character aspects of the global consciousness as reflected by the idea of archetypes. Celebrities are our modern-day gods and goddesses.


Dreaming about one of these elite individuals represents a need to explore the qualities they embody as a character aspect, but in a much more powerful way. Your unconscious is using the notoriety associated with their public visibility to get your attention. It is, in effect, providing you with an image that has a chance of making the dream memorable upon waking so that you might more readily take notice of the guidance available to you in the dream.

Sexual dreams with celebrities are common. Most dreamers assume this is so because of how attractive most of them are. Additionally, what they do puts them in a position to carry the sexual fantasies of their public. However, in dream work, sexual dreams with celebrities are common because the drive to integrate archetypal energy is integral to the evolution of our souls. When the unconscious is encouraging you to own the more powerful parts of your psychic makeup, there is no better way for it to get your attention than through highly charged, sexual imagery.

In fact, such fantasies can function as survival mechanisms for many people.

Dreams About Celebrities: Dream Meanings Explained

Discovering what a dream involving a celebrity might be telling you is the same as with any character aspect. Since we are in the realm of archetypal energy when dealing with celebrities, the quality that your dream is inviting you to explore may be very obvious. A sports figure may be asking you to examine your willingness to play the game of life with more confidence whereas a pop singer may be suggesting that more self-expression is crying out for release. You dreamt of BTS too?

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I distinctly remember Namjoon. He smiled at me with his dimples and reached out for my hand, helping me up on a tall sort of stage??

Dreaming of famous people: What do celebrities mean in dreams?

But the environment turned out to be just their practice room?? I was still just a fan but there is a comfortable yet awkward air about it. I was kind of shy and made humorous self comments to myself and they just smiled and chuckled. Which is sometimes are each of you on different days.

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  4. Omg I dreamt with Namjoon and we were hanging out and it felt so real and today I omg dreamt of getting married to jimin my bias! I was so happy but I woke up witch sucks: I had a bts dream too! Namjoon and I were a couple, at least I think.

    I had a dream that i went on tour with Meghan Trainor and we were best friends. I saw them sleeping in my old room.

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    And suddenly woke up at the same time. Daehan and Manse followed me. I brought them in terrace and they were dancing. Minguk kissed me on my cheek.

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    Omg I had a BTS dream too! I dreamt of me and Suga holding hands and being like a couple. It was honestly the best dream I have ever had.

    We were walking in a city and we were a couple and we were walking to our wedding rehearsal.