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Darius dating skills

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This tells a lot about the professionalization of the Persian government: Ironically, the officials did not write in Persian, but in Elamite and later Aramaic.

Another aspect of the professionalization of government was the reform of the calendar. Babylonian astronomers the Chaldaeans had invented a better system for the intercalation of months. Darius introduced it everywhere in the entire empire. Our first evidence for this calendar dates to BCE, but an earlier introduction can not be excluded. This Babylonian calendar is still used by the Jews. Several courtiers are known by name.

Darius the Great: Organizing the Empire

Pharnaces, the minister of economy, has already veen mentioned. A third courtier to be mentioned is Aspathines. Related to the building of the roads was the construction of large granaries for the army. From now on, the Persian armies could be extremely large and would always have a numerical superiority.

As a consequence, warfare in the Persian world was to be a struggle for the possession of the granaries. Two centuries later, when the Macedonian king Alexander the Great invaded Asia, his army often followed the royal roads, which his opponent Darius III Codomannus tried to prevent.

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Trade benefited from the building of roads and, to a lesser extent, the introduction of coinage. The Building inscription from Darius' palace at Susa mentions how people from all quarters of the world worked together, how timber was imported from the valley of the Indus and the mountains of the Lebanon , and how precious stones were imported from Central Asia. Sea routes were explored as well. In September , Darius visited Egypt for the second time. He found the country in deep mourning. An inscription from Memphis , now in the Louvre , tells that "on the fourth day of the first month of the harvest season of his majesty's fourth regnal year", or 31 August, the Apis bull had died.

During this visit, Darius buried this manifestation of the Memphite creation god Ptah, and ordered the search for a new Apis, which was found on 9 November. During his stay in Egypt, Darius gave precious gifts to the temple of Neith of Sais and the sanctuary of Osiris at Busiris. At Hibis in the Kharga oasis, in the western desert, the great king dedicated a temple to Amun, although it is likely that the Egyptian king Psammetichus II had already started its construction.

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Here, a cartouche was found with Darius' Egyptian titulary as pharaoh: It may refer to Darius II Nothus. Darius' attitude towards Apis and Ptah, Neith, Osiris and Amun is typical for his religious policy and for the influence of an excellent adviser, probably the satrap of Egypt, Aryandes. The Persepolis fortification tablets mention sacrifices to several deities - not only to the Persian ones, but also to Babylonian and Elamite gods.

As king of kings, Darius was the ruler of a multicultural empire, and he was willing to accept the gods of other ethnic groups. An interesting case is the cult for the Greek god Apollo, who received special honors from the Persian authorities.

Persepolis: The Audience Hall of Darius and Xerxes (article) | Khan Academy

Being a god of wisdom, he was regarded as the alter ego of the Persian "wise lord" Ahuramazda , and received great sacrifices. For example, when Datis and Artaphernes were crossing the Aegean Sea and visited the island Delos in the summer of , Apollo was honored with no less than 9, kg of incense. On the other hand, Persian garrisons were settled on several places outside Persia, and the settlers took their cults with them.