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While the children can call their parents by phone to talk about what they think of the current candidate, the choice of whether to arrange for a date is ultimately up to the parents. If a parent isn't satisfied with the current candidate, they can "opt out" of the round with a press of a button, leaving the other parents to continue to fight over him or her. The round continues until three or fewer groups of parents remain at which point the children are "released" from their room so that they can talk to the candidate face-to-face.

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The candidate's parents are then also invited to the stage to voice their opinion. The round will finally come to an end when the candidate and one of the children finally agree to go on a date.

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When parents and their children are in tune about a candidate, things usually go off without a hitch. However, when parents stop listening to their kids and start making decisions on their own, this can lead to some embarrassing moments. In the show's first episode, a father chose a year-old man for his year-old daughter even though she kept telling her parents that she felt the candidate was too old for her.

Although she finally agreed to a date with the older gentleman, she wore a smile of embarrassment throughout the entire segment. Anxious Chinese parents Vowing to showcase "the reality of the marriage market in Chinese society today," the weekly show is hosted by Meng Fei, the host of the 8-year-old dating show If You Are the One. Similar dating shows that get parents involved that debuted in December have also captured the public's attention.

Different from If You Are the One , which aims to give contestants a chance to start a new romance, New Chinese Dating Time is specifically targeting those who are looking to get married, Meng explained during the show's first episode. With China currently home to more than million singles of marriageable age men over 22 and women over 20 , xiangqin, or blind dating, still remains one of the most popular ways for Chinese singles to meet potential mates.

According to a China Youth Daily survey from , around 82 percent of single men and women living in first-tier cities in China have been on a blind date.

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Blind dating in China isn't just limited to singles; many worried parents are also getting involved. However, the proponents claimed that dating show is just a mirror of reality that reflects every aspect of love and marriage issues in the Giant Baby Nation, China. When two generations discuss the highly-concerned problem of marriage together on the stage, the dating show becomes a magnifier of parent-child relationship.

She also doubts that those Chinese parents are looking for a docile combination of breeding machine and nanny instead of a daughter-in-law. Can you do housework?

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Can you take care of me? Can you bear children? Are you good looking? When two generations come to the dating show and discuss the highly-concerned problem of marriage together, getting it all out on the table, the stage becomes a magnifier of family relationships and social problems. When I look back, I find that something presented on TV may intensify that kind of sensitivity. In her opinion, the sensitivity towards such topic in our society brings the young audience, especially the young ladies, to a passive position and to be judged and chosen by others.

How women brutally turn down male suitors on China's top dating show

She said that, in former dating shows, bachelors and bachelorettes that came onto the stage with varied motives like making friends, presenting themselves or gaining fame. Those motives that were irrelevant to marriage and love would wane with the involvement of parents in the show, while the original intention of dating i.

They are rather traditional. Participating in the dating show with their children, they really want to find a daughter-in-law or a son-in-law. They are serious about it.